Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Handmade Love

AIO made from a pant leg, and a receiving blanket.

So I've been making cloth diapers.  It's a great way to pass the time, and as soon as I figure out where to buy some diaper covers, we're going to be ROCKIN'.  Until then, I'm just making them, and it seems every 2nd diaper is a step ahead of the one before.  I started with the simple 2pc pocket diaper.  The 3rd diaper had a plastic liner, but still had a pocket for the soaker.  I did make an AIO diaper for a friend, which worked out better than I'd expected.  And I've made a (too small) hidden gusset diaper with a pocket.

Hidden gusset, pocket diaper.

Now I'm working on figuring out how to make an AIO with hidden gusset.  I've found the hidden gusset is kind of a pain in the ass, and it makes the outside material bunch up when you're trying to sew it...I'm telling you, I've never sworn this much.  LOL

I'm also going to be moving on to other things.  Simple things.  Things that can be done in a matter of minutes, since I do enjoy getting immediate results.  I'm talking about making baby leg warmers.  Oh yes.  They look so freakin simple, and after this whole gusset thing, simple sounds just wonderful.

There is a blog with the best tutorial I could ever ask for when it comes to making these.  You can see it HERE.
You can find this blog BY CLICKING HERE.

It's nice to be able to make diapers for my little one.  She deserves only the very best, and if I can make her some nice soft diapers and leg warmers, I'm going to do it.  And the whole thing is inspiring.  If I can make a cloth diaper, I can definitely make her some dresses.  And with the selection at the store downtown, I can make her some warm ones that are going to be WAY cuter than the ones I could buy for her.  And making my own means that I can match her diapers to her dress!  : )  No need for a diaper cover, the diapers are darn cute already!!

This one fit!  Hidden gusset, pocket diaper.

I'm going to go and buy some different materials tomorrow, and see what I can come up with for dresses and diapers.  Then I'm going to stop by the dollar store and buy some socks.  When I'm done, I'm going to have the best dressed baby in town.  LOL  My mother thinks I should be making diapers and selling them...but I'm going to have to figure out how much it would cost me to make them first.  Honestly, with the amount of people making them out there, I'm going to have some serious competition.  And I do have three kids I'd rather spend time with than be stuck behind a sewing machine making diapers on a deadline.  I want to make every one of them with love.  I think the best way to do that is keeping it to one at a time, for my daughter, or for friends who are in need of some homemade diapers.

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