Saturday, September 17, 2011

Circumcision Pamphlet...New And Improved!

Front cover.


As you can see, only 5 of the 6 sides of the pamplet have writing.  The 6th side has one "quick reference" card on it, and one magnet.

Quick Reference Card


If you're interested in getting some of these pamphlets, let me know.  I will only charge you what it costs me to make them and ship them to you.  Please give me atleast 3 days for every 25 pamphlets you want, because I have to print them one at a time.  I may get them done before that, but can't promise to do them faster than stated.

If you want 25 (or less) pamphlets, I need 3 days to print them off.
If you want 50 pamphlets, I need 6 days to print them off.

And so on...

All pamphlets will have a quick reference card stapled inside the front cover, and a magnet put on with photo edges, so it can be removed without wrecking it.

Photo of a finished pamphlet to follow.

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