Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Liners Of My Thoughts On Genital Mutilation, by Greg.

Published with permission. Find the note HERE.

"I should have died strapped to that circumstraint when they were trying to kill me, but instead of a painful but quick end, I have an eternal suffering.

I guess people don't understand baby talk, what's adult talk for: "PLEASE HELP ME, UNSTRAP ME FROM THIS, I'M TERRIFIED, THEY'RE CUTTING ME".

My prepuce wasn't cut off from me, I was cut off from my prepuce.

I died that day of course, cause there's no life without my prepuce.

My body my fucking choice, but I don't have rights to my own body.

My first sexual experience was at the age of 2, when I was genitally mutilated.

Is it because that I cannot entirely remember all of the traumatic experience of my genital mutilation is that I'm being protected?

Imagine reliving genital mutilation everyday - there are men who do."

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