Friday, June 17, 2011

Circumcision Facts

Everyone has an opinion. Honestly, opinions don't matter in this. FACTS do. Facts don't judge, they don't say you're a bad parent for doing something to your child that you thought was best at the time. Facts educate. Facts show us that sometimes, even when we thought we were doing the best thing, sometimes we can be wrong. This isn't intended to judge. This is intended to educate. It's amazing what a little education can do to open people's eyes to something they were mis-informed or lied to about.

And, ftr, I too believed in circumcision until I researched it. Turns out the facts are entirely different than the bad information I grew up hearing.

1. An intact (not circumcised) penis is NOT harder to wash than a cut one. If you can manage to wash your finger, you can wash an intact penis. The foreskin is fused to the glans (head) of the penis until anywhere from 4-5 years old, up to adolescense. The ONLY person that should ever retract a penis is the person who owns it. Retracting it can cause tearing, which leads to infection and injury of the penis. IF INTACT, DON'T RETRACT. JUST CLEAN WHAT'S SEEN.

When the child retracts their own foreskin, all it needs is to be pulled back and wiped quickly with a wet cloth. No soap is needed as it is a mucus membrane. It takes longer to wash your hands after using the toilet than it does to retract and wipe a penis. (And ladies, if you have children, you clearly don't have a fear of penis. So no excuses here!)

2. Circumcision doesn't prevent UTI's. Find information HERE.

3. According to the CDC, 67.5% of babies were left intact in the US in 2009. In Canada, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 90.8% of boys remained intact in 2009.

4. There are no health benefits of circumcision.

5. Circumcison is not recommended by ANY Health Organization in the WORLD.

6. Circumcision removes 20, 000+ nerves from the penis. They cannot grow back, even with restoration.

7. Circumcision does not prevent HIV. Condoms do.

8. Every year babies die of circumcision.

9. 90% of the men in the world remain intact.

10. Circumcision was originally done to prevent masturbation.

11. Every person, male or female, deserves the right to genital integrity.

12. Circumcision is in direct violation of a child's human rights.

13. Circumcision is both extrememly painful and completely unnecessary.

14. Female circumcision was only banned in 1997.

15. Protecting girls, but circumcising boys is sexist. Boys deserve the same protection as our girls do.

16. A boy doesn't need to "match" his father. No one will ever ask them to drop their pants as proof to their relationship. They share DNA. That is enough.

17. Every little boy is born with a foreskin. It is not a birth defect and does not need to be removed.

18. Mis-information is the leading cause of routine infant circumcision. Get educated.

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