Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing Cotton Pants

She says they're "super comfy".
Yeah, I'm a sewer.  LOL  The kind with the sewing machine, not the kind used to transport bodily waste.  LOL How unfortunate that they're spelled the same...

Anyways.  I sew.  I just sew all sorts of crap now.  It started with diapers.  Those are my favorite things to make because they're always so freakin' cute when they're done.  But I've also made "Mommy Diapers" (re-usable pads), and today I made some cute pajama pants for the daughter that has managed to lose more pairs of them than any other human being to date.  (I swear it!)

I'm also going to start making the girls some dresses with the huge amount of material I've managed to accumulate over the last few weeks (TONS of it), and make my son some shorts to match.  I can't see the shorts being all that different than the pajama pants, and now that I have the basic idea, I know I can manage to make a pattern for a simple dress.  I also thought about making some of those reusable grocery bags, and saving myself $1-$4 a piece for them at the grocery store.  Those would be super easy.

I know that some of you like sewing, so I thought I'd post the link to where I found out how to make the pants.  I found it a while ago on a blog called "My Cotton Creations".

You can find the instructions to make the pajama pants HERE.
You can find other tutorials HERE.  There's an awesome owl toy I am going to have to make.

The tutorial on the pajama pants is for "Christmas pants", but as you see from the photo I took, I used some spotted fabric I had here.  (My daughter says it's a cow print, my son says it's a dalmatian print, so in the interest of no fighting, I'm saying it's "spots".)

This video shows how to make an easy pillowcase dress.

And while I'm being all crafty, I figured I'd look up how to make a tutu.  Well...that's easy enough!  Thank you YouTube for teaching me how to do EVERYTHING.  LOL  This is a video showing you how to make one without needing to be able to sew at all.  (Though I highly suggest sewing the glue isn't going to cut it!)

Well, I have to go and make supper, but wanted to show off my latest sewing project.  And yes...they are about two inches too short, but she doesn't care.  I'll make her some new ones when she's sleeping tonight and sneak the other ones into the tote of clothes that the baby is yet to grow into.  I'm going to be making The Boy a pair of them after supper anyway...they want to match.  ; )

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