Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maybe I Care Too Much About This...But I'm Calling BULLSHIT. Again.

Power Bullshit.
There's a young girl on a local selling site selling these..."Power Balance" bracelets...for $15 each, claiming that they were given to her free for a promotional thing...she says she's sponsored by Power Balance in tennis.

Well, I have been waiting for her "new, free" bracelets to arrive (she said she gets them as a promotion) so I could get some more pictures of them from her.  Shocker of the day...LOL...they aren't genuine "Power Balance" bracelets.

I knew as soon as I saw them that they were fake.

Note the color of the bracelets and lettering.

Fake.  It even looks cheap!
So, because I'm a skeptic, I already found out that "Power Balance" is being sued over their bracelets.  They're a scam.  People want their money back.  They hold no more power than a rubber band.  Shocking.  LOL  Sorry, but from the second I saw them I had to take a minute and look into what it was that they said was giving these rubber bracelets their "power".  Well, it turns out it's the hologram.  Seriously.  LOL  Oh that's some good stuff there!  XD

Anyway, the girl selling THESE bracelets has lied from the start.  Again.  Shocking.  LOL

The bracelets she's selling are NOT from "Power Balance"...they're from eBay.  And they're not genuine.

Fake.  Buy 10 for $20 on eBay.  
See?!  See the bracelet colours?  See the lettering?!  Same thing.  Exactly the same thing.  It took me all of three minutes to seach eBay for "Power Balance Bracelet Lot", and found this at the top.

From the website.

I'm no detective, though I play one in real life.  I know a scam when I see one, and I knew this was one the second I read about how the hologram (a sticker) improves strength and balance.  Seriously...does someone need to say that out loud to hear how insane it sounds?!

I put a picture from the "genuine" Power Balance bracelet buying page...and as you can see, they look completely different.  See the plastic cover on the hologram?  It's missing from the ones she's selling.

The hologram looks nothing like the "real" bracelets...and for shits and giggles, I punched in different colours offered by Power Balance, and saw that the black bracelets offer three choices for, white, and yellow.  Not red.  Not green.

Another dead giveaway was the clear bracelets.  The website offers two colours for lettering.  Pink, and white.  Not purple.  Not blue.

And hey, I know I probably DO give WAY too much of a shit about this...but I HATE seeing people being ripped off.  If someone is buying something believing it's a genuine product, they should be GETTING a genuine product.  I hate scammers.  I hate seeing people scurrying to buy these bracelets for $15 each when they could get ten of these for $20 on eBay if they love them so much.  And really, if it's the BRACELET they love, that's fine.  Whatever.  But no one is going to pay $15 for a "Power Balance" bracelet for fun.  It just irritates me.  Badly.

So again, don't buy ANYTHING until you've researched it.  Know wtf it is that you're paying for.  Don't be scammed.  And please, for the love of all that is good and holy, HAVE MORE SENSE THAN DOLLARS.

That is all.

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