Monday, February 6, 2012

Fabric Addiction?

So here it is.  I may or may not have some kind of addiction to fabric.  DON'T JUDGE ME!  ; )

The whole problem, you see (if you can call it a problem) is that I've had orders for diapers.  I have a woman who lives locally who is buying 5 newborn diapers from me.  Her daughter isn't even pregnant yet, so it's not a HUGE rush, but I'm still rushing.  LOL  I'm excited for her!  I think she sounds like an amazing momma, and the fact that she's already pumped about a baby that is yet to be conceived makes her wonderful in my eyes.  I love when I hear of parents that are that supportive.  I know that Momma-To-Be is going to have some great support from her awesome mom.  It's good for my heart to see that kind of love.  (This momma also bought her daughter a teething necklace from me as a gift for this baby...LOL.)  So sweet!

I also have a friend in the UK who wants one of the Hello Kitty print diapers in a size 5, and a friend who wants a different one in a size 4.

I'm excited!  I posted on my wall a status about "does this make me a dork?"  (The excitement.)  A friend posted "I get gramma, not dork though..."  LMAO!  Well, if loving fabric makes me a "gramma", I can live with that.

Assorted material.  Some flannel, some not.

These are my favorite!


The plaids and top pink are flannel, the rest are for outer material.

I've found that buying material from local selling sites is a great way to get cheap material...from the comfort of my own dining room!  It's kind of bad's too easy to buy a ton...which I have done.  LOL  And I also signed up for the members card at Fabric Land so I could take advantage of their 40% off sale in two weeks.  (OoOoh, I'm excited!  I'll be going in for more plain flannel.)

Anyways, I guess it could be worse, right?  Now all I need is somewhere to put all of this.  Maybe a couple new totes.  Or a new house...with a sewing room...Oh my goodness that would ROCK!  

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