Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Intactivist Gear Auction #1

I'm having an "Intactivist Gear" auction, and all money will go to (or you can find them at End Routine Infant Circumcision on Facebook).
This is what their site says:

"At ERIC we mail letters to politicians, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, and will always do this.  We have also created and bought business size cards with intactivist information; we mailed them out to several individuals free of charge and we also leave these info packed cards on cars and hand them to individuals in public places, and we will continue doing this.  We designed and purchased over 900 intactivist wristbands, and mailed them out to individuals free of charge.  Because people donated, we were able to easily afford packing material and postage, especially for the international shipments.  We will offer more wristbands free of charge in the future!  We are currently doing a [Send Out A Postcard Campaign] to expecting mothers; free of charge.  You supply us with the address, and we send out the postcards.  We would like to purchase a few intactivist banners to use in contingent parades; such as PRIDE and local festivals…as well as peaceful demonstrations on street corners.  Our domain name and hosting package adds up as well..."

They are amazing, and they deserve someone to do something nice for them, so I'm going to try to help them raise some money!  : )

Auction Items.

Window Decal

Small Stamp

Mouse Pad


T-Shirt (XL size)
"Real Men Keep Their Babies Intact"

So, here is the rundown on what the items are, and what they're worth.

~1 XL T-Shirt,"Real Men Keep Their Babies Intact"
Value $13.99

~10 Info Card Magnets (5 of each design),
Value $5.00

~50 leaflets, TLC Tugger
Value $1

~20 info cards, (10 of each design),
Value $2.50

~1 bracelet, (blue), TheWholeNetwork/"His body, his choice"
Value $3

~1 Mouse pad, "Say NO To Infant Circumcision/His Body, not YOURS"/Know Better, Do Better!!
Value $9.99

~5 "Routine Infant Circumcision" pamphlets, Know Better, Do Better!!
Value $2.50

~1 black ink stamp, "Say NO to routine infant circumcision/"
Value $15.99

~1 small window decal, "Intact Baby On Board"
Value $8.49

~1 pen, (blue), "Say NO to circumcision!/HIS body, not YOURS."
Value $5.99

~1 metal info card holder.
Value $8.49

Total Value of this auction: $76.94


The way I'm going to do this is I'm going to hold the auction on the Facebook page (HERE'S THE LINK).  

*I'm going to start the auction FRIDAY November 11th at 12:01am.

*The auction will end on MONDAY November 14th at NOON.  (My time...EST.)

*The person who bids the most by Noon on Monday will win the items.

*The winner will be notified by the end of the day Monday (November 14th).

*The winner is to donate the amount they bid to win, to

*When I get notification that they have received your donation, I will mail out your items within 24 hours.
(I will pay for the items to be shipped to you.)

You can go to THIS LINK to send them your donation.

PLEASE DO NOT BID unless you can pay the amount you're bidding by NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, November 15th.
(I want to be able to send the items out as soon as possible to avoid them being delayed with the upcoming Holiday Season!)

**If the person who wins the auction does not pay the amount that they bid, or they do not pay at all by TUESDAY November 15th, I will NOT send them the items and we will hold the auction again.**

Let's not forget the reason for the auction.  It's a good cause, and these are some pretty effing awesome items.  So...Lets get ready to bid!!!    : )

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