Friday, August 17, 2012

Botched Circumcisions

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I'm posting this because there are far too many people still, who think that their unborn son NEEDS to be circumcised to "make him look normal", or to "match his father."  

The following links (to photos) will clearly show that the circumcisions performed on these men certainly did not make them "look normal".  And I'm pretty sure they don't "match" their dad.  To ALL the men in these galleries, my heart goes out to you.

We can't prevent every bad thing from happening to our children, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of these injuries, scars, etc., were 100% preventable.

This is VERY GRAPHIC and should probably not be viewed at work, or in front of children.


The link below shows photos of "skin bridges" caused by circumcisions. 

This link shows scarring that occurs with circumcisions.  There is also a set of pictures on this link that show a man who had multiple botches.

This one shows skin tags, common in circumcised men.

This one is a gallery of photos showing too much skin removed.  This is more common than most people know, and can be devastating to men.

This gallery shows photos of uneven scarring.

I am pretty sure anyone who has seen a circumcised adult male has seen this.


Wound dehiscence (re-opening).

This link is even more graphic than the rest, and I am warning you.  Sometimes things can go very wrong.

ALL of the above links are from  They have a ton of fantastic information for anyone questioning circumcision.

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