Thursday, July 5, 2012

Children Do NOT NEED To Be Spanked!!!

Well, you know I'm going to snap, right??  This has been going around for a couple of days, and it's getting to me.  REALLY getting to me.  Not JUST the picture.  But the ignorant comments that come with it.

"I had my ass beat, and I turned out okay".  Well, no you really didn't.  You became someone that believes that hitting someone 1/4 of your size, and who trusts you fully to protect them, is perfectly fine and acceptable.  And not only that, you brag about it.  So no.  You're not "okay".  You were damaged, and you're continuing the cycle of abuse that was done to you.  

The fact is that children don't think much about what they say, at different times of their lives.  Sometimes their (developmental) inability to put the thoughts and feelings of other before their own does come across as "bullying".  Sometimes it comes across as being "disrespectful".

Sometimes kids act out, even when they KNOW that their behavior is inappropriate, and unacceptable.  But do a lot of adults I've known in my "taking away the rights" of parents to "beat" their children's asses did not work all that well for them after all...

Hitting a child who is upset, or acting out is never the answer.  Not ever.  As adults, we have the ability to control our emotions, and our actions.  Most children do not.  It's taught over time, and if children never grow up seeing it in action, how the hell are they going to learn it?!

And, my final comment (before I go all bat-shit crazy), is that children have rights too.  The right to feel safe, and to BE safe.  The right to say no.  The right to disagree with us.  Children have the right to ACT LIKE CHILDREN.  They have the right to live in a home where they're raised with love, not fear.  Because fear does not create respect.  It creates anger.  And these blessings you were given deserve better than that.

Love them like you wish you were loved.  Pretty simple.

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  1. Fox New$'s Bill O'Reilly talked about his dad beating him - and O'Reilly is obviously a bully. The nicest, smartest, most polite, well behaved, etc person I have ever known or met has parents that pride themselves on having never beat their kids. They were always very honest with their kids. They never lied about cannabis (marijuana) or religion or anything. When it came to learning right from wrong they simply told them the truth. If they happen to become a whiny sugar loaded kid screaming - their parents would punish them with isolation or taking things away BUT telling them why. My dad beat the piss out of me (sometimes literally) (that is not meant to be funny) and the only reason why I am not a horrid hate-monger like he is because I narrowly chose the opposite side - I wanted/want to be the exact opposite of him. E-