Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IUDs...I Wish I Didn't Know.

A copper, and Mirena IUD.
Okay, again, short and sweet (as short and sweet as they get around here).  I don't want to get into a big debate on birth control, because I think if you don't want a baby, you need to prevent pregnancy.  I'd rather see you prevent a birth than to end a life.  (I'll get into my whole stand on that in another post when I'm not so tired, and can provide links, etc.)

For now, lets just talk about IUDs.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia description.

So there are two different kinds.  I honestly didn't even know they still did the copper wire ones...I live on the moon, I think.  But I have seen it mentioned on Facebook in some mommy groups recently.  (Which is what sparked all of this.)

Okay.  So when my twins were born, they were in the NICU.  I'm sure if you also don't live on the moon, you know that already.  Anyway, when they were 6 weeks old, I went for my check-up with my (super hot) OB...Dr. Gregg Hancock...(shout out for him here because he's [overall] pretty awesome).

So...after a short break thinking about him, I'm back to the topic at hand.  LOL  IUDs.  So, I went to my appt. with him, and because I'd just had twins (I assume), he asked me if I was planning on using birth control until we were ready for more children.  I said I'd considered it, but hadn't really looked into it too much because I was SOOOOO not ready to start having relations with my husband again.  He suggested an IUD.

Now, let me just say here that the only time I'd ever even heard of an IUD was in grade six sex ed.  Seriously.  I may not only live on the moon now, but clearly was born and raised there.  LOL
He told me that an IUD is "as good as getting your tubes tied, but easily reversible."  He said [TMI WARNING] I stopped bleeding, he'd put one in, in his office, and it'd be a small pinch and that would be that.

Super.  Small pinch.  This...from the same guy who told me that the dye he was injecting into my fallopian tubes would be a "small pinch".  0_0  Not quite, buddy.  (One word to describe that?  HOLY F*CK!!)  Well, because of what I faintly remembered from grade six, and the "slight pinch" description from him...I asked the kids' primary nurse what her opinion was on IUDs.  And, at first, she didn't want to tell me anything.  She said "I don't know much about them."
I knew she was holding back!!!
When the other nurse in the NPCU (Neo-Natal Progressive Care Unit) left for lunch, she told me what she knew.

She told me that in the 35 years of working in the same NICU, she'd seen no less than five babies born with problems associated with them.  Their mothers had gotten pregnant while wearing one, and that four were born with limbs (or partial hands, or feet) missing because they'd been CUT OFF by the copper wires.  She said that they don't bleed to death because of how they're rubs the same spot over and over, and as they grow and run out of space, the wires get tighter against them, and they just sever the body part they're up against.
And then there's the fifth baby...
Brace yourself.
This baby was born with the IUD INSIDE OF IT'S ABDOMEN.  Yeah.  I'm not shitting you.  She told me that it had formed right around the IUD (so in this case, whether those wires are plastic or could happen).  Immediately after birth, she said it had to be whisked away to surgery to try to remove it.  She said that while it was inside of it's momma, it was safe from infection.  As soon as it was delivered, the chance of infection increased.  And obviously, it's not okay to live your life with an IUD sticking half way out of your belly.
She ended this by telling me that there are worse things in life than being pregnant.  And clearly, she was right.

I never got one.  That's the moral of this story.  I also never got pregnant until we put some serious effort into trying...when the twins were 20 months old.  And when we did try, it took a month.  So one day when I'm more on my game, I'll tell you why THAT is a dramatic story too.  LOL your research.  That's all I'm saying.

And, in conclusion, I leave you this one link that was posted by Guggie on her wall...(she just can't help herself...LMAO!)

Mirena Crash: The Mirena IUD Side Effects After Removal

Thank you for reading.  I'm sorry if I scarred you.  (We're in the same boat now, I guess.) 

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