Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Circumfetishists...What Are We Dealing With?

For whatever reason, this seems to be the most used graphic for circumfetishists.

Taken from:  "Circumfetish", CircLeaks.org

"A circumfetishist is someone who has a sexual fixation for the circumcised penis, and/or derives sexual gratification from the act of circumcision itself [2] (see apotemnophiliaand acrotomophilia). Often their sexual fantasy involves infants.[3][4] Circumfetishism often involves fantasies of power and control, which may be ritualistically acted out. Circumfetishists have at least one website[5] and three clubs.[6] The Circlist website links to a discussion group."

Here's the thing.  You can't know that these sick freaks even exist if no one tells you about them.  I'm not sure if I can NAME them as individuals, without ending up with some over-paid lawyer calling me and suing me for the (very) little money I actually have.  So I'll direct you again to THIS LINK, where you can see the names of some of them.

The reason I'm sharing this today is because way too often, I see parents refer to circinfo.com when they have circumcised their sons, and want to explain where they got their information.  Now, if you take a minute and check out that last link, you'll see it linked to things like 
"The Gilgal Society", "Circlist", and THIS.
(**Warning**, the last link might make you throw up, and it contains *Nudity*, so don't open it at work, or in front of children...or at all if you are easily disturbed).

We cannot protect ourselves from what we do not know.  I urge EVERY parent to look into this a little bit.  Read about who they are, what they stand for.  And know that THESE are the people telling you to have your son circumcised.  These sick freaks get off on it.
A pretty good indication that you're on a circumfetish site is when you find yourself reading things like smegma is "stinky cheese", or something like "[the] operation without anaesthesia soon after birth is devoid of serious complications."  They fail to mention that smegma is naturally occurring in both males and females, and in males, it acts as a sexual lubricant.  A simple rinse with clean, warm water (no soap!) will get rid of it just fine.  No need to remove any body parts!  And they give no thought to the extreme distress a child goes through during a circumcision.  Of COURSE anaesthesia poses a risk to infants, that's been proven.  But the elective nature of this surgery poses a risk as well.  As many as 200 infants die from circumcision-related complications every year in the US.  (It doesn't seem like many, but if one of those 200 boys was one of yours, it sure would.)

The problem with these people is that they feel like they are entitled to get off on watching/performing a circumcision...more often than not, it's a circumcision of an infant.  They call themselves "circumsexuals", as though changing the name of what they are will somehow change the disgusting truth of their fetish.  As one person said perfectly, "they could call themselves 'candy', and they would still be sick perverts."  [That quote may be a little off, so if it was you that said it, I apologize for not quoting you exactly.]  And it's true, really.  It doesn't matter what term they use, the bottom line remains the same.  It is all a little too much to ignore.  IMO, anyone that gets off on ANYTHING to do with children is a pedophile, and they should be in prison.

A good way to know whether or not you are getting your information from a good source is to think about what they (that person or organization) is getting from you if you listen to them and let them cut your son.  If they're getting money, or anything else from your choice...they're BAD.  You can't tell by looking at someone whether or not they're one of these freaks, so you just can't know if that's their reason for pushing you to do it.

Those of us sharing the truth are not making a dime off of you NOT cutting your son.  In fact, most of us (myself included) have spent the little "extra" money we have on intactivist gear, info cards, bracelets, pamphlets, etc., to educate people so we can spare them from the regret of having circumcised their son(s), and so we can spare thier son(s) from an unnecessary, dangerous, and painful cosmetic surgery done without his consent, and against his will.  There's no sexual gratification from saving a baby.  The only gratification comes from knowing that a mother and/or father followed their heart and kept their son safe.  I don't think it gets more pure than that!

I don't know what more to say.  Look at the links, look at the information on those links, and learn those names.  You'll find them all over the web, spouting their pro-circ bullshit, trying to talk parents into cutting their sons for their own personal sexual pleasure.  In a way I kind of hope you don't believe me, and look into it to "prove [me] wrong".  I promise you that you're going to be sick when you find out just how true all of this is.

If you've never heard of this before now, I'm sorry I was the one to tell you.  I wish there wasn't even such a thing as a circumfetishist, and that circumcision was only something that was only performed on a consenting adult, or in a medical emergency.  But that's not the reality we live in.  So, at least today you are a little more aware of what's out there.  This is (sadly) what we're dealing with.

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