Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Make No-Cook Play Dough Easily

    • I totally stole this from HERE.  It's super easy to make, and is a fraction of the cost of the real stuff.  We've made this a few times, and it's great to know that it's 100% safe if it's's a little salty, though.  Have fun, and enjoy this recipe!

      Making your own play dough is not only fun, it saves you money, by using things you already have in your kitchen cabinets. The best thing about making your play dough the NO-COOK way is because it is safe and easy so your kids can get involved. This is a fun activity to with any child. Encourage them to get their hands dirty and have some fun with it. This is by far the easiest play dough recipe I have ever tried. This recipe will only make a small amount so you can increase your ingredients to make the desired amount. Play dough doesn't last long anyway so it is always best to make small batches and the good thing about this recipe - it only takes 5 minutes!
      Difficulty: Moderately Easy

      Things You'll Need
      Measuring Cups
      1 cup flour
      1/2 cup water
      1/2 cup salt
      Food Coloring
      Cookie Cutters

      Get ready - get set - play dough!

      Start by getting everything you need so grab your bowl, all of your ingredients and don't forget your measuring cups.
    • 2
      Make a lot of different colors
      Combine the flour and salt in a bowl, pour in the hot water and any food coloring you are using.
    • 3
      Get your hands dirty!
      If your kids are making this dough with you then this is where the fun starts and they get their hands dirty. Mix it all together and start kneading the mixture around until it forms a pliable dough and then knead it and roll it around in your hands.
    • 4
      Use your imagination
      Another great thing about this play dough recipe is that it is ready to use as soon as it is made, there is no cooling time needed. So grab your cookie cutters, make designs, use your imagination and most of all have fun.
    • 5
      Dont forget to store it
      When your done playing with the no-cook play dough, put it in an air tight container to store it so it will stay fresher longer.

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