Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Job Is To Protect Them!

I'm not much of a back-rubber. I speak the truth and try to say it in a way that is without judgement, but I have no ability to sugarcoat things. Facts are facts. I just say it like it is. I've always been that way. When it comes to circumcision, I have even less ability to sugarcoat the facts. I think that saying anything other than the complete truth is no better than promoting it. People NEED to know the truth. Perhaps if they knew the entire truth, all the facts, without someone saying "but you know, dear, in the end it's YOUR choice", (because it's NOT your choice...unless it's YOUR OWN penis) maybe less babies would have to go through this trauma and mutilation of something that was JUST FINE in the first place. An intact penis isn't broken, so you don't need to "fix it". Leave it alone!

Even deeper than the actual mutilation part of the whole subject is the issue of protecting our young. How someone can say that they love their child, and then pass their newborn to a nurse so he can have his foreskin ripped from the end of his penis, clamped down, and cut on EARTH can that be love?! Your instinct tells you that it's wrong. Your instinct tells you to grab your son and RUN. How can anyone ignore their instinct for reasons like "it's cleaner", or "we want him to look like his daddy"?! (It's NOT cleaner, and no one is going to ask for a penis comparison to prove their relationship!)

Our job is to protect our children from harm. Our job is to get them through this life safely. We are supposed to teach them to trust and love and do good... How do we do that when the day after they're born they're whisked away, screaming for their momma, only to be strapped to a table against their will and have the most sensitive part of their body cut off for NO LOGICAL REASON?! How do we teach them to trust when right after being born they were forsaken by the one person who should be willing to die before allowing harm come to their baby? How can we teach them to love when the love they have been shown is one that allows torture for cosmetic reasons? How do we teach them to do good when we don't do good by them? Children are a product of their environment. When we hurt them, they hurt others. When we protect them, they feel safe, and in turn will go on to protect others.

What is sad is that sometimes it takes the mutilation of a once-perfect little boy for a mother to REALIZE that she perhaps shouldn't have let that happen. (Mis-information is one thing. Knowing you were doing wrong and allowing it to happen is another.)

This is a discussion where hundreds of moms post their stories of circumcision regret. It was found on

The only thing that irritates me more than someone who circumcises their son even though they know the facts is someone who BRAGS about it. As though they are somehow good parents for letting someone remove a perfectly functional piece of their baby's body. I wonder if they'd also brag if it had been the eyelids that they had removed? Or if had been their daughter that had been circumcised? Somehow I have to think that anyone who is proud of tearing (, clamping, and cutting) away the choice of how their son wants his OWN penis to look, is just a straight up asshole. I bet they WOULD brag about circumcising their daughter. I feel bad for a child in that family because their parents overlook the science that clearly shows circumcision is 100% unnecessary, and allow him to be mutilated based on their own opinions. (Damned stupid science always trying to teach us things!) I will not post a link to these types of discussions because when I read them, it makes my blood BOIL. The cutters need no more promotion than they give themselves.

I will just end this by saying that there are also men who resent their parents for never giving them a choice as to whether or not they were allowed to stay intact or not. To me that is just so so sad. It wasn't something they would have chosen for themselves...and they have only their parents to thank for that. What parents are never told is that one day, when your son becomes a man, he has the right to sue you and to sue the Dr. for the violation of his human rights. What you once thought was your choice can become very much become a lawsuit.

Instinct has kept us alive this long. Don't ignore it when your gut tells you that it's wrong to allow a man to strap your infant to a board, fondle him to an erection, rip the skin from the head of his penis only then to cut it, clamp it and then cut it off completely. There are no excuses for this. Instinct has a does foreskin!

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