Sunday, February 27, 2011

Circumcision Pamphlets with Quick Reference Cards

I made a circumcision information pamphlet. As you'll see, only 5 sides of the pamphlet have printing on them. This is so you may attach some "quick reference" cards that I will post below.

At the moment I'm having some issues with my printer, but when I get it sorted out, these will be available to order. I will charge you only what it costs me to make them and ship them to you.

I will be slipping one of these into every bag of clothes I sell on Kijiji, and leaving them in various places...the mall, phone booths, pharmacies, inside the cover of every circumcision related book in the bookstore, on the change-tables located in women's bathrooms and change rooms in stores and restaurants. I'm looking forward to seeing just how many of these I can put out. I also plan on carrying several with me at all times when I am out, just in case a situation arises where I can take advantage of the chance to educate someone. I'm certainly not shy, and have honestly found that when I just say what it is that's on my mind, it is rare that someone reacts negatively. People like honesty, and it's not all that common these days. I don't feel the need to be rude, but I'm not much of a back-rubber either. Facts are facts, no judgements needed.

I wish I had more time in the day to devote to educating people on circumcision, and I hope that in my lifetime we all reach enough people that having to do things like hand out pamphlets will be unnecessary. I hope that there will come a time that so few people decide to circumcise their sons that I can move on and find another passion. Until that day comes, I'll be here. Making pamphlets at 2am (because that's the only time I have when all 3 kids are asleep), and searching the web for the latest information.

Perhaps, if things go well, I can organize some type of "Save A Penis Day" in my city. I am afraid, however, that it may end up just being me standing outside the mall handing out pamphlets and taking lip from grown men who cannot appropriately deal with the shame of being incomplete. By writing this, I have put that good intention out into the world. I hope Karma, or God, or whoever helps someone in this situation, comes along and just gives me a little help. ( A little help with this damned printer would be nice too. LOL!)

For now, I only have one info card completed, but will add the 2nd as soon as it's finished. I should note that the idea for the 1st info card was taken from another info sheet (found on The Whole Network's Facebook page), but I changed the background and colours to match the pamphlet

As soon as my printer issues are sorted out, I'll post prices and a link to a paypal account where you can order some of these. (Hopefully sooner than later!)

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