Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Imagine The Day...(Veganism post)

Taken from "Veganism" on Facebook:

"Imagine the day the extraterrestrials pay us a visit. Being more capable and advanced than ourselves, but not having any way of hearing or understanding our words, our feelings and our cries. 

They debate whether to consume us, experiment on us, or wrap us up and carry us home as playthings. Our options end. They decide in fulfilling their interests in food, research and entertainment. 

We’re fr
ightened and appalled. “Please, let us alone,” we beg. “Don’t split up our families to introduce us into your more advanced culture; don’t talk about how well you should care for us before using us up. Don’t try to mimic our natural habitat so we can live and reproduce when you display us".

Could we ourselves heed that plea? Most people will call it impossible, saying we must be realistic; they’ll say patterns of domination and subjugation, and hierarchical ideas about species, are too ingrained in human thinking to be undone. Whether they are right or not, most people thereby perpetuate the power structures humanity has constructed.

The first step to achieving change is conceiving it, and that’s what the Vegan philosophy has done. At its best, our movement inspires society to accept risk, to respect other beings even if that means accepting some level of danger, to ensure that we leave animals capable of living and moving freely in spaces to which they have naturally adapted, and to refuse to alienate them from those habitats.

As Vegans we are powerfully committed to serve down the authority and unjust force of breeding, manipulating, slaughtering and designating animals for the consumption of food and adornment. The idea of fueling ones body in order to survive with a food source that has suffered to death is as unethically misguided as it is unjustifiably unconscionable.

There is no reasonable argument under any sane and humanitarian philosophy and culture that vindicates the stigma of cruelty, suffering, death and feasting on the carcass. There is no grey area for killing, there is no middle ground under any circumstance for cruelty and there is a perversion aura to eat another living being.

Man is powerful and our impact is as forgiving and compassionate as is ruthless and deadly. We celebrate thankfulness for living and happiness by offering the flesh of an animal that has suffered, we justify killing one another in honor of our ideals and morals, we devastate our planet to realize technology and self-preservation.

Man is man's worst enemy and our foot print is getting bigger and bigger to one day, there will be no place left to leave ones foot print....."

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