Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Theory On Gluten vs. Sugars and Carbs

If she looked more tired, I'd swear this was me.
I don't know "everything there is to know" about food. LOL I'll admit it. But I've done about 4 days of up-until-2am research on gluten, and sugar, and the behaviors my son exhibits. And he FITS gluten behaviors. But when I remove all other refined sugars, he's "normal". (Whatever that means...LOL.)'s my thing.  COULD it be possible that he has an issue with sugars that goes beyond the tiny amount he gets in things like bread (there would be 1.5 g of sugar per slice of bread), and come down to a combination of refined sugars and  CARBOHYDRATES??

Carbs are turned into sugar by our bodies. Most things that contain gluten, also contain carbohydrates. Fine. Whatever. But then add MORE sugar to those carbs. Like a freezie.

How I'm seeing my that we have a cup. When we eat carbs all day long (toast with our breakfast, a sandwich for lunch--whole grain of course, because mom has the best of intentions--and then some kind of meat and *POTATOES* for supper...we fill the cup. To the brim. Our body is busy as hell breaking down those carbs into sugars, and then processing them. (There are 30 g. of complex carbs in a slice of whole wheat bread.)

But then we have chocolate chip cookies for a snack. Or we go and get a freezie for a treat from the store. Or ice cream. Or both. And then dad comes home and gives gummies.

Since the cup is full already, could the *extra* sugar consumed throughout the day be pushing them over the edge?? Could the failure to remove these sugars from their diet make a child who SEEMS gluten intolerant, be in fact suffering from a sugar/carbohydrates issue?? (Is it the gluten, or is it the sugars in their diet combined with those carbs that make them act insane??)

I don't think removing gluten is bad, that's for sure. And maybe that would be the final step to make The Boy behave a little more "socially acceptable"...but I don't know. He has been this guy since before maybe the guy he is off of sugar is just who he is. (Which is perfectly fine with me! He's his own [little] man. And there's nothing wrong with that!)

I'd love opinions on this.  I've been mulling it over for 5 days now. (I have no PROOF that this could be the case...but it seems logical!)

On top of all of this, I really believe that most of our problems in general come from consuming foods that aren't natural to our bodies in the first place.    We're not supposed to be consuming the breast milk of another species.  We're not supposed to be eating these refined sugars.  We're not supposed to be eating these grains the way we eat them.  And before yesterday, I had never bothered to even look up "Paleo" diet...until a friend sent me a link to it.  And that's it!  That's what I'm talking about.

So what I'm going to do with my son, for now at least, is put him on a paleo diet and see if anything dramatic changes.

I'll keep this updated.

*I want to mention that I am sure that there are lots of people who react only to gluten, and the sugars and/or carbs may make little to no difference to them.  This is just my theory on my own son...and maybe it's the case for *some* other people too.*

**And ftr, I'd feed him whatever I had to feed him to get him feeling the way he should feel.  Just because I choose veganism, does not mean that I expect my 4 year old son's diet to mirror my own.**

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